New work for art project GAPi

It has been a long time since my last blog, but now I have a new website, I feel not to wait too long with this blog.

I am busy with a new artwork and the deadline is almost reached.

For the Gogyoshi Art Project (GAP), which started years ago, I have to make a new work for an exhibition in South-Korea. South-Korea is were I was born and this is an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

So GAP had exhibitions in The Netherlands, but also in Germany and Portugal. And now in Asia. GAP went international and turned into GAPi.


It started with the beautiful poems of Tairo Azu about the nucleair disaster in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011. The poissoning Cesium is a health thread for plants, animals and people. However the poisson is an invissible enemy.

This project is initiated by Ed Hanssen and coordinated by Fred van Welie. It inspired a lot of visual artist to artwork. The exhibitions help people remember the effects of the nucleair disaster. Now people of different countries work together. The disaster in the Far East effected people in the West and turned into a possitive effect which travels back to East. A GAP is closed.

I started with some drawings as a try out. Then I prepared the background of the work. It is made with paper bags from the vacuĆ¼m cleaner and radiator paint.

I hope to finish this work soon and show you.


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  1. leuke blog, hoop dat je het binnenkort af hebt en er nieuwe foto’s volgen.


    Martin Snijders

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